Let’s face it.  Intimacy can be tough.

I have dedicated my life to teaching about healthy relating, and I assure you, every day I am still humbled by how hard it is to stay connected! 

As an Orgasmic Intimacy Coach, this is what I have learned.

Intimacy is not about mastery – it’s about practice.  And that’s what I help you do.  When you sign up for my services, you and I work as a team to practice and improve your ability to connect.

In love.  In sexuality.  In business.  In creativity.  In all areas of your life. 

If you are someone who has felt stuck in your ability to express yourself, to find your words to translate on the outside what you feel on the inside and to take the risk to say what you really feel, then you are in the right place.

If you have ever felt like the “real you” is trapped behind shame, doubt, judgments or an old script about how you “should behave”, but that someone more vibrant, more raw, more honest and more powerful, is right there just behind those blocks, then you are in the right place.

If you are one of those people who simply feels so much, all the way through, but has always felt like it wasn’t safe to express or trust or even admit how much you felt, then you are definitely in the right place.

If you have struggled with asking for what you want in relationship, and have told yourself, I can’t possibly have it just how I want it, but yet that yearning persists, then you are in the right place.

I offer my clients a taste of something different.  Permission from the inside to trust how you feel, to find the language to express that to the world and to navigate building just the right connection to support the full you.  A journey that begins with a vital, yet simple question:  what do you want?

In a one hour, complimentary session called an Exploratory”, you and I will explore your answer to that question.  We will ask, what would it look like if you had your life just how you wanted it, in every area?  And, what is in the way of you having it?  These answers will become the compass for our work.

During your Exploratory, I will let you know how I would support you to craft the life of your desire.  I will give you examples of tools I would teach you and suggest how long we might work together to achieve or resolve your issues.  At the end of that session, you can decide whether or not you want to work with me.  Sound good?

Think of the Exploratory like a chance to meet one another and for you to get a feel for how I work before you make up your mind to dive in!

My clients receive the benefit of my desire-based coaching, combined with my years of experience as a psychotherapist working with veterans and medical patients.  This means that if you decide to work with me, we can work on the whole you.  Body and mind.  Past and present.  Sex and self.  And all the ways those are related.

Interested in learning more? 

If so, contact me to schedule your free Exploratory to find out if my services are right for you!



  • I’ve done a lot of work throughout the years - spiritual, emotional, mental, intimacy. I’ve traveled to Omega, Esalen, Kripalu, overseas and all the fancy retreats one could image to find teachers that are diving into the depths of spirit and psychology in integral and sophisticated ways. Well, now I have that emerging right here in Dallas and it is about time! Dr. Tartaro is an excellent facilitator and skillful coach in helping one find their truth and learn to connect with it in voice and embody what is longing to be expressed and experienced. It’s a gift to the community here and I highly recommend taking course with her or engaging with her in coaching or other services.

  • We turned to Dr. Tartaro at a time when communication between us had broken down so far that there was talk of divorce. Within a few sessions, Jessica had helped us to rediscover the passion, patience, and communication skills we had lost. She has excellent skills and a presence that really helps you want to try the techniques she is suggesting. Thank you, Jessica for helping us to save our marriage!

    C. and C.R.
  • It's so foreign to me, this practice of expanding from the inside out. Sometimes I cant help but think I'm just going along with the crowd, making things fit to be able to say, "yes, I feel this way or that way". Yet there are times when I feel a profound connection to myself, to others, to the earth, and that didnt just happen on its own. I know that Ive done the work and am seeing the results. Working with you has taken me a step further in my journey to become the me I'm meant to be. I'm so enthusiastic about sharing your work with others because I want to expand my "circle of community" with people that I know and trust.

    Elisabeth Lindauer Brustein
  • From my first conversation with Dr. Tartaro I felt I'd found not only a wonderful guide and mentor, but a wonderful human being and friend. Each session I've had with her has brought with it remarkable and lasting improvements to my wellbeing, which I credit to her profound intuition to focus on the root of psychological issues rather than their symptoms, highly effective grounding and visualization techniques, her warm, welcoming personality, and incredible compassion for those seeking healing and improvement in their lives. Thanks again Jessica, our sessions have been exactly what I needed to get my life back on track!

  • Since I have been working with Jessica and started OMing I feel like I finally have glimpse of what’s possible with intimacy and connection with others especially men. I feel that I am vibrating on a higher frequency and the universe is synchronizing with my energy which is bringing the exact right person in my life at the perfect time. It’s truly mind blowing….I want everyone in my life to feel this radiance in my soul. I feel more feminine than I have in years and I am truly glowing from the inside….I am full, clear and manifesting my dreams. I am a warrior and I can now trust the power of my pussy!

  • As a lesbian, I would recommend OM for lesbians. And particularly lesbians in long term relationships. Most couples get stuck but I think lesbian couples have unique issues. OMing has brought us back to connection. For us, it’s allowing us to have some conversations that were really hard. It hasn’t dramatically shifted our sexual practice yet. That’s something we hope for and desire. It’s not a magic bullet. But it’s allowed us a different way to come to the table with honesty and vulnerability that we haven’t had before.

  • So many layers of myself have been revealed to me through attending SpeakUP. It offers a way for me to witness how I habitually act and how I prevent others from really getting to know me and me really getting to know them. The SpeakUP process of self revelation is spontaneous, playful, and heart warming. And Jessica is fantastic at facilitating. She helps everyone to feel at ease and keeps it fun! I always leave with reflections to chew on as well as a lighter heart. Such an awesome way to cultivate a practice for true connection with others, and meet like minded people who have similar desires.

    Kiki Yardeni
  • Jessica I have to say that taking these four weeks of the workshop was way more productive than anything else I have attempted. I know that for all of my life I have not connected on a deep level with myself or other people, mainly because I wasn't aware of what was going on, but now I am. This class pushed me so far along that I am feeling very confident of continuing to grow.

    Micheal Callahan
  • Before we met all I felt was anger and confusion. Like someone half deaf reaching for a sound. Every once in a while there was a flood of emotion then it would pass, and I would be dead again for a year. When I started doing contact (which I only did because you were teaching it) I started feeling with my body and expressing with my body. It allowed me to share myself in a way that I never had.

    Matthew Earthspirit
  • Howdy Jessica. I've got to say thank you. Thanks for dragging me thru my shit for six weeks. On the other side I'm realizing what I want, confident in being vulnerable and asking for what I want. It is absolutely amazing how just being myself takes new relationships (like a simple first meet up) and drives them to deep conversations. It's easier to express empathy with others as well. You should see women's reactions - OMG!! Such a rush!!

  • Three things I appreciate about Jessica Tartaro:
    1. She has the courage to admit that she occasionally has less evolved moments just like the rest of us.
    2. Her example of how to give her emotions with tenderness.
    3. Knowing that Jessica has had real life experience with the ecstasy and the storminess of intimate relationships and has learned how to navigate within both waters gives me confidence that she speaks from an authentic place.

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