Sometimes talking feels like hiding. But sometimes talking feels exhilarating.

SpeakUP Communication Games

Ever wanted to feel the freedom to say just exactly what you always felt? Feel like you are always hiding behind the "polite thing" or the "safe guy or girl strategy"?

Most people do. You are not alone.

What if you had the tools to unlock the thoughts that live in your head and express yourself freely to others? What if, in doing that, you could really come alive and discover the fun and playfulness that you always knew was possible?

Join us for community games designed to give you just that.

At Speak UP, I will teach you simple communication games PLUS ways to immediately improve your skill level at the games. It's simple and fun. It might light you up from the inside out. And maybe, just maybe, you might also learn some tools that you can take into the rest of your life.

Sometimes talking feels like hiding. But sometimes talking, when we are really being honest, can feel exhilarating and energizing. THAT'S the kind of talking we do at SpeakUP.

This is what you will find if you join us: A room of people (cool, fun people) engaging in honest, humorous, playful conversation around topics we mostly only consider having in our head. It's like a giant exhale when the rest of the world is asking you to hold it in.

Sound like a worthwhile way to spend an evening?

If you agree, we look forward to seeing you there! Bring yourself, your playfulness, and your willingness to try something new, and join me and others at the next SpeakUP event.

SpeakUP is every Wednesday from 6:30-8:30pm at  Madrona MindBody Institute located at 310 Fort Worden Way in the Madrona Room.  Note we will be skipping Wednesday July 4th & Wednesday August 22nd.

Until i joined Speak Up, i didn't know how deeply i yearned for deep human connectedness,  how little i had, and how my practice of keeping safe isolated me from others and myself...Now, it's been 3 months in Speak Up and a new desire, stronger than the long arm of trauma and fear, has rooted in me...i desire to be known by others, to be REAL, to show my feelings, my needs, my insecurities, my best...for the two hours in Speak Up,i live inside a world where safety in human connectedness comes from behaviors exactly the opposite of those i have been using to keep me safe! Now, being vulnerable, not hidden...speaking from my emotions and intuition, not covering them up...being truthful, following curiosity to ask questions,feeling unsure but, saying 'it' anyway, and, speaking passionately about me and my life, that's what makes me feel alive and safe!

Jessica Tartaro, our facilitator is unique in my experience of groups, because, she is a vulnerable participant as well as facilitator...i get to witness her vulnerability and see how, being truthful and exposed is strong, how, vulnerable and unsure brings out kindness and caring in her actions, she is a reminder to speak what is true in the moment, to stay present and take care of myself, to speak from “i”, to check out my assumptions, and to follow what feels most ALIVE in me...i feel like a kid learning a new way to walk and talk!

- elisabet skyhawk, Port Townsend


Orgasmic Relating: A Six-Week Social Laboratory

circle of friends SOCIAL LABORATORY - a space where relationships are both the object of research and the instrument of experiment.  Orgasmic Relating is for a committed group of 8-10 participants who want to take their communication skills to the next level of authenticity, connection and aliveness.

"When I first heard about this group, the title of it seemed a bit over the top. Wtf is 'orgasmic relating'?? Hearing about it through friends who'd experienced it got me more open to trying it out. I kept hearing how amazing it was and reading about this idea of feeling MORE ALIVE in relationship. Hearing that idea was definitely appealing. Now that I've experienced the group, I know what that means. 

Jessica in her impeccable facilitation gives us specific tools for communicating in a way that makes our relationships juicier and richer!!! Her strong intuition is a great guide in taking this journey. The process in getting there, although intimidating initially, ended up being joyful and connecting. I was able to bond with the group in such a genuine, supportive and playful way. 

Also, I joined the group with a man I just started dating. Starting out our relationship with this group has enabled us to get to know our ins and outs more as a couple in 6 weeks time than other relationships I've had that have lasted years! We're using the tools and learning each other's road maps to create a loving understanding relationship where there is lots of clarity around how we relate to each other and to others. No words for how empowering that feels! 

I'm loving having so much insight into a relationship I care about so much. So, yes yes yes to orgasmic relating!!!"

- Woman, anonymous 

This group is for you if…

  • You yearn to make it a lifestyle to say it like you feel it
  • You want to live in the flow of meaningful connections (no more superficial small talk please!)
  • You seek others who are committed to connection as a practice
  • You long to know how people experience you socially
  • You want to be more “connectable” in life
  • You are willing to expand the edge of your comfort zone in order to grow

If you said “YES” to any of those above, then the social laboratory may be for you.

Orgasmic Relating is about living life from that real place. Taking off the social formula and front. Feeling alive in all moments. Exhilaration as a lifestyle not an exception. Finding the words for what lives in your heart and body. Relentless commitment to staying connected. Coming awake in relationship - to yourself and others.

In “Orgasmic Relating”, participants will attend six consecutive weeks of 120-minute sessions where we will:

  • Play round robin style group exercises where you will learn by getting and giving feedback *as* we play the games
  • Learn new partner exercises for opening yourself to deeper relating within a supportive peer relationship
  • Listen to lectures week-by-week that will help you develop a broader understanding of the communication skills
  • Practice “Orgasmic Homework” for staying connected to group members in between sessions
  • And more...

Prerequisite to attend at least 4 SpeakUp events.  You will need to commit to a minimum of 5 of the 6 sessions.

There is a limited number of spots available and a short screening process for enrollment. If interested, please contact me directly to find out if you are a fit for this group! Email or call 480.993.5562.

No groups are currently planned. Please check back regularly for the latest offerings.


Conscious Orgasm

 I specialize in teaching a simple, 15-minute partnered sexuality practiced called Conscious Orgasm, or CO for short. Through CO I have woven together mindful communication practices with the sexual potency of OM to create a transformative tool for singles and couples.

Couples Coaching

We all want relationships that thrive. The ones where you are equal parts friend, partner and lover, and can stay connected through the ups and down. I believe that you can have it. That we all can.


If you want to open your heart, start with your body.  Movement practices are a vital doorway into discovering what is true inside of us so that we can connect authentically with others.  I teach dance events at the intersection of intimacy, consent, improvisation and community.

Communication Games

Ever wanted to feel the freedom to say just exactly what you always felt? Feel like you are always hiding behind the “polite thing” or the “safe guy or girl strategy?” Most people do. You are not alone. What if you had the tools to unlock the thoughts that live in your head and express yourself freely to others?