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Freedom Through Our Feet: Dallas Yoga & Ecstatic Dance

April 14 @ 6:30 pm

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Freedom Through Our Feet: Dallas Yoga & Ecstatic Dance

Dallas Dancers — Get Ready.

December 9th is our last dance of the year.

If you’ve been waiting to attend this event, you are in for a treat.

We are ending our six months of dances in 2017 with the theme, “Embracing Our Masculine”. Last month, we invited an embodying of our Divine Feminine. This month, it’s a chance to try on and embrace our inner masculine.

What does your “Inner Masucline” mean to you? Is it the part of you that sets clear boundaries? The one who protects along with your feminine protector? The one who nurtures your feminine? Is there a peace you want to make with your inner masucline?

This dance is a chance to try these questions on, with your feet.

As of mid-November, this dance is also shifting to be a welcoming space for gender non-binary folk. Please make sure to read our guidelines below before attenidng our dance.

More About Freedom Through Our Feet:

Freedom Through Our Feet is an invitation. To be and move however you wish, without words. First through a gentle, grounding yoga practice. Then through a musical DJ’ed journey.

That’s it. It’s so simple.

We have a vision. Of dancers fully EMBODIED IN OUR BODIES because we have created the SAFE SPACE within which to feel it all. Where we can move however we want, supported by one another. In one room. Once a month. In Dallas.

Where we feel safe to be…

As quiet and as big as we want.
As sensual and as shy as we choose.
As tearful and as triumphant as we feel like it.
As complicated and as simple as we are.
As funky and as free and as phenomenal as our feet and hearts and spirits desire.

Imagine your favorite yoga workout combined with an enthusiastically welcoming group of new friends inside the most playful, anything-goes kind of playground held in a sacred, beautiful space set to an eclectic, hip shaking, inspired original mix of music.

THAT is Freedom Through Out Feet.

On December 9th, we will start by landing through a special yoga practice for finding our bodies, steadying our minds and softening our breath. Then we flow into a 70-minute dance program for shaking loose anything that we don’t need and finding the wild joy of play through your own unique expression.


7pm Yoga by Lauren Brehm (All levels)
7:45-9pm Ecstatic Dance with DJ Daphne Moon and DJ Spins Magic (Jessica Tartaro)
9-9:30pm Closing & Mingle (Bring food to share for picnic!)


Advanced tickets $20-30 sliding scale available up until time of the event.
Tickets at the door $25-35 sliding scale.
We ask you to pay what you can in order to help this event be sustainable and welcoming for all!

Purchase tickets in advance by Paypal at DrTartaro@gmail.com

Wear comfortable clothing that you can both move/yoga/dance in as well as feels sensuous and inspiring to you. Consider dressing for the theme! Bring your water bottle and have light snacks on hand.

If you have ever longed for support to JUST LET GO. To trust the INTUITION OF YOUR BODY. And to find Dallas ALLIES who can celebrate and support your unfolding self, we welcome you. And we look forward to guiding you through yoga and dance to help you come more alive and into more freedom to be YOU.

Reserve your spot on the dance floor in advance through Paypal at DrTartaro@gmail.com

Join our community page to get the latest programming updates and connect more with Dallas women at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FreedomThroughOurFeet/

(Please read before attending your first dance.)

Welcome to Freedom Through Our Feet (FTOF), a Yoga + Ecstatic Dance community started for women and gender non-binary folk! We dance on the second Saturday of every month and warmly welcome women (trans or cisgender*) and non-binary folks to join us!

To better understand what “gender non-binary” means and the context for this value, please read: https://femsplain.com/on-being-non-binary-in-female-spaces-12d5980e7f0c.

In short, our utmost priority with this dance is to create a safe space for humans who aren’t in the dominant social group. So that is anyone who does not identify as male. Women, trans women, gender fluid, gender questioning, and all non-binary people.

It’s not our intention to exclude the men (we love them!!), but to play together in a sacred space. We actively work to create a space where women can dance, play, sing, cry, laugh, share, and enjoy siblinghood, support, and connection. If you have any feedback, please reach out to Jessica or Daphne in person, via Facebook, or email at DrTartaro@gmail.com or PriestessDaphneMoon@gmail.com.

FTOF is a joint effort of the Organizing Collective, a group of dancers who spend the time in between dances nurturing our connections to one another and cultivating the intention and energy that sets the tone for our dances and our community experience. If you would like to learn more about joining our collective (there is a process to join), contact Jessica or Daphne.

Because our intention is to create a safe and sacred space to step out of our roles as guardians, caregivers, parents, etc. and to feel into, process, and express about all aspects of our lives– our jobs, partners, kids, parents, addictions, abuse, violence, pleasure, exploration, fears, dreams, etc etc– participants must be 18 or older. Exceptions will be made for exceptional teens on a case by case basis. (Please contact organizers prior to the day of the day of the dance if inquiring about bringing a teen.)

The dance floor will remain a sacred, non-verbal space as much as possible (please feel free to use words to take care of yourself, but take longer conversations to one of the other rooms).

We encourage you to treat FTOF as a substance-free environment so that we can connect with clear, grounded minds & hearts and can offer authentic consent. Please refrain from indulging recreationally before/during attending. (Of course, if you need medications, please be sure to take them as required!)

To join our Facebook community, go to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FreedomThroughOurFeet/

FTOF Agreements & Commitments
• I will speak about and from my own experiences during the verbal portions of the dance (opening and closing circles plus mingling spaces). I will not share others’ stories.
• I will speak only my own name when sharing, unless I have prior permission.
• What happens in this circle, stays in this circle. All shares are confidential.
• I agree to no crosstalk during shares. No interruptions, no direct responses, no advice, no piggybacking.
• If someone’s share stirs something in me that wants to be shared too, I will pause, waiting until one more person has spoken, and then share.
• If I want to talk to someone later about what they shared during circle, I will ask their permission to refer to their share and wait for consent before continuing.
• I commit to take responsibility for myself and ask for support when I need it.
• I commit to asking questions when I don’t understand something pertaining to this community or these policies to ensure that I am clear about my participation.
• I commit to cultivating my own awareness of whether or not I am available to support others when asked, and then acting accordingly.
• I commit to clearly stating my boundaries as needed to take care of myself.
• I will honor my Yes’s and my No’s.
• I will honor others’ Yes’s and their No’s.
• I will make no assumptions based on past experience.
• I will commit to an intention of kindness for all who participate here, while understanding that my version of kindness may look very different from another’s.
• I will assume that others in the circle are operating with an intention of kindness.
• We are co-creating a hate-free environment. Blatant acts or words of hate (racism, transphobia, homophobia, etc.) are grounds for your removal from the space.
• Unintentional violence and microaggressions will be met as an opportunity for education that will be addressed by the collective. Our hope is that this dance may be a portal for all of us to grow into more conscious, aware and inclusive beings.
PLEASE NOTE: This is a living document. We will update it as the fluid needs of the group shift. If there is something here you don’t want to agree to, or something you want to see added, please talk to Jessica or Daphne.

Content in this document was borrowed with permission from Katrina Koleto, founder of Moondance: A Gender Intentional Dance held in Seattle, WA. For more information, see: https://www.katkowellness.com/moondance.

* Cisgender (often abbreviated to simply cis) is a term for people whose gender identity matches the sex that they were assigned at birth. Cisgender may also be defined as those who have “a gender identity or perform a gender role society considers appropriate for one’s sex”. It is the opposite of the term transgender, which refers to people who have a gender identity or gender expression that differs from their biological sex.


April 14
6:30 pm


V12 Yoga
600 S Harwood St,
Dallas, 75201 United States
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