Telemundo Interview on Orgasmic Meditation May 18, 2015

Dallas Channel 39 reporter Teresa Gonzelez interviewed myself and friends about Orgasmic Meditation (OM) - in Spanish! It was a challenge to explain the practice of OM with my conversational Spanish skills. But I also remembered while we were recording the piece how much Orgasm doesn't depend on language; it depends on feeling. Even if you don't speak Spanish, click the icon to watch this four and a half minute video and get a feel for the practice.



Orgasm Daily: A One Taste Blog October 2, 2013

I had been practicing Orgasmic Meditation for almost two years when I published this blog in Orgasm Daily. It was new for me at the time to "go public" about my practice. But on my 37th birthday I decided to write about the feeling, "I would die for this".


"Exploring Heart and Soul" December 2005

In graduate school I studied the relationship between physical, emotional and spiritual health and faith.  We conducted several years of research to answer the question, "Does having faith help us be healthier?" In this study, we found that the answer in a sample of college students was, "yes".



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Conscious Orgasm

 I specialize in teaching a simple, 15-minute partnered sexuality practiced called Conscious Orgasm, or CO for short. Through CO I have woven together mindful communication practices with the sexual potency of OM to create a transformative tool for singles and couples.

Couples Coaching

We all want relationships that thrive. The ones where you are equal parts friend, partner and lover, and can stay connected through the ups and down. I believe that you can have it. That we all can.


If you want to open your heart, start with your body.  Movement practices are a vital doorway into discovering what is true inside of us so that we can connect authentically with others.  I teach dance events at the intersection of intimacy, consent, improvisation and community.

Communication Games

Ever wanted to feel the freedom to say just exactly what you always felt? Feel like you are always hiding behind the “polite thing” or the “safe guy or girl strategy?” Most people do. You are not alone. What if you had the tools to unlock the thoughts that live in your head and express yourself freely to others?

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