Authenticity in Yoga Teaching: A Workbook Journey to Build Confidence & Ease in Your Teaching

An interactive workbook for yoga teachers who wrestle with critical internal voices and want to empower your teaching with ease, confidence and self-compassion. In 2019, after two decades of watching yoga teachers struggle with claiming their unique voices, I created this course. It is designed to introduce you to practices for trusting yourself, giving permission for your gifts and softening the voices that say you need to be anyone else but YOU as a teacher.In this self-study course, I describe the 3-phases of yoga teaching, beginning with "Imitation", then "Cultivation" and finally "Authenticity".  For each phase, I include partner and journaling exercises to transform your doubts and fears into growth and insight.


“In early 2020, (before the pandemic hit), I was enrolled in a 200-hour yoga teacher training. Dr Jessica Tartaro joined us as a specialist on developing authenticity in one’s teaching style. To say her course was enjoyable is honestly an understatement. Her own example of deep authenticity put us all at ease and her fluid way of inviting participation really had us all enthralled. The somatic exercises Dr. Tartaro led had us moving in new, unexpected ways, and the way she coordinated the circle sharing elicited equal parts laughter, revelation and tears. A sense of release and recognition seemed to be both personal and collective, for every participant. Dr. Tartaro’s participation at every step of the experience modeled inclusion and authentic embodiment, as she examined with us the potency of becoming one’s truest self.”

- Ariela Marshall, Crime Victim Legal Advocate, Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher

"During Jessica’s “Authenticity for Yoga Teachers” something shifted. Jessica was able to open us up and help us get vulnerable with each other is a safe yet profound way. We moved together, we cried together and we laughed together. We were able to see each other as humans and in return I was able to see myself reflected back as an authentic yoga teacher who not only belonged to the community, but also as someone who has so much to offer.

Yoga is about connecting from the heart space and Jessica’s workshop helped me realize that in just a few short hours. I am forever grateful to her for helping me come into myself through connection with others. This has helped shape not only my yoga teaching style but my day to day connections as well.”

- Annie Lovato, Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher

Upon completion of this workbook, you will shift from uncertain and tentative to ready and excited about shining the light of your unique teaching in the world.  I look forward to helping you unlock your gifts as a yoga teacher!

This workbook serves as a stand alone course but was originally designed to accompany a live, half-day workshop by the same name. If you are interested in hiring Dr. Jessica Tartaro to teach this course to your yoga teacher training class, your teaching staff or your yoga community, please send me an email to inquire.  Participants of the workshop will receive this workbook upon course completion to encourage continued practice.