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Ispecialize in teaching a simple, 15-minute partnered sexuality practiced called Conscious Orgasm, or CO for short.  CO is my version of Orgasmic Meditation, or OM. In creating the CO practice, I have woven together mindful communication practices with the sexual connection and potency of OM to create a transformative tool for singles and couples.

In CO, a partner strokes the upper left hand quadrant of a woman’s clitoris, very lightly. There is no goal, except to feel the sensation in both partners’ bodies. CO is a simple a way to deepen intimacy, know your body, and connect to yourself and others.

The benefits of CO are many.  They include:

– Focused attention

– Increased physical sensation

– Natural hormonal balancing

– Reinvigoration of natural sexual function and desire

– And greater knowledge of self

In short, CO gives you access to the renewable resource of Orgasm in your body: that electricity that generates lilt to your step, generosity in your relationships and a desire to play and create rather than stay stuck. Everyone can have a CO practice, whether you’re single or partnered, and people of all gender identities and sexual preferences are welcome in my practice.

Watch this short video to get an overview of the OM practice which gave rise to CO.

A bit about my personal OM practice…

I have been practicing Orgasmic Meditation since 2012. I learned through OneTaste in Austin and then went on to work for OneTaste in San Francisco where I continued my training. In 2016, inspired by the power of communication practices to deepen sexuality training, I created the Conscious Orgasm (CO) practice with my colleague Robbie Carlton.  I believe CO is an improvement upon OM in that it grounds the sexual growth work within a context of personal reflection and relational mindfulness.  My history with OM – and my ongoing practice of CO – has transformed my relationship to my body and my ability to ask for what I want, across all areas of life. Perhaps most significantly, OM has functioned like a missing piece in putting together all of the fruits of my personal work. I would love to help you have the same. I am excited to share this practice with anyone who wants to redesign their relationships to sexuality and desire.

There are three ways that you can learn conscious pussy stroking.

One, you can purchase the book Slow Sex: The Art & Craft of the Female Orgasm which talks you through an alternate definition of Orgasm and gives you a step-by-step guide for how to improve your intimacy with a partner through Orgasmic Meditation.  All from the privacy of your own home.

Two, you can schedule a private CO training session with me in Dallas, Port Townsend or by video. The first CO training lasts 2 hours. In this session I will discuss with you the basics of CO philosophy, the ergonomics of the technique and how to maximize sensation. You and your partner will have the option for me to coach you through a live CO during the session or to go home and practice.  You decide. You can book as many additional training sessions as you desire. Subsequent sessions last 60 minutes.  I recommend an initial package of 3 sessions (the initial, 2-hour session and then two, follow-up 1-hour sessions) to ensure a strong foundation for your practice.

Three, you can sign up for an afternoon workshop. I offer these 1-2 times a year. These classes offer the opportunity to learn in  a group setting the philosophy of CO,  the basic CO communication strategies as well as the context of a personal mindfulness practice. You will see a live demonstration of CO in the weekend workshop.  Students will not CO in class. Sign up below for my monthly newsletter to get up-to-date class information.

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I first heard of Conscious Orgasm on Jessica’s website. It seemed profound and out of reach for me as I had been dealing with a plethora of intimacy issues stemming from past sexual trauma. My partner and I decided to do a live training after doing couples coaching with Jessica. Opening myself up in a way that usually accompanied pain and shame was challenging, but the safe container that Jessica created allowed me to experience the benefits from CO right away. I have a completely new understanding of what orgasm truly is, and how healing it can be. Jessica’s knowledge and guidance during that first session was so comforting and I can’t think of a better person to teach my partner and I this powerful meditation practice.


Since I have been working with Jessica I feel like I finally have a glimpse of what’s possible with intimacy and connection with others especially men. I feel that I am vibrating on a higher frequency and the universe is synchronizing with my energy which is bringing the exact right person in my life at the perfect time. It’s truly mind blowing….I want everyone in my life to feel this radiance in my soul. I feel more feminine than I have in years and I am truly glowing from the inside….I am full, clear and manifesting my dreams.


As a lesbian, I would recommend Conscious Orgasm for lesbians. And particularly lesbians in long term relationships. Most couples get stuck but I think lesbian couples have unique issues. COing has brought us back to connection. For us, it’s allowing us to have some conversations that were really hard. It hasn’t dramatically shifted our sexual practice yet. That’s something we hope for and desire. It’s not a magic bullet. But it’s allowed us a different way to come to the table with honesty and vulnerability that we haven’t had before.


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