Couples Intensive

“My husband and I were referred to Dr. Jessica Tartaro for help with our intimacy and communication.  After our exploratory session, we were sold on her ability to dig deep into our issues and offer useful tools for us to better connect with each other.  We signed up for 10 sessions and had a major breakthrough in our 3rd session that completely changed how my husband and I see each other and interact.  

Dr. Tartaro is able to help you find the underlying causes of your feelings and actions and how they affect your daily life.  Unlike other therapists that you have to spend several sessions filling him or her in on your life and why you are the way you are, Dr. Tartaro doesn’t need or even really want the backstory.  Her focus is on the present and what you are dealing with that is not making you happy or causing difficulty in your relationships.  

Dr. Tartaro has helped us communicate, relate to and respect each other in a way that has been life changing.  Her approach is simple and direct and the communication tools she offers are invaluable.  Relationships and marriages take a lot of work.  I cannot thank Dr. Tartaro enough for helping us to see things from a different perspective.  She has been able to articulate feelings I have felt and couldn’t express for 10 years in just 10 weeks.”          

- Brooke

Get Your Intimacy On Track:

A 10-Week Couple’s Intensive with Dr. Jessica Tartaro

We all want relationships that thrive. The ones where you are equal parts friend, partner and lover, and can stay connected through the ups and down.

I believe that you can have it. That we all can!

Many of you may have likely experienced this at one point, often early on in your relationship.

Over time for some, however, it can feel like you lost track of how to stay in tune. The stress of juggling family and business, health and simply growing older may have taken its toll.

You may have found your once blissful relationship strained, suffering from a build up of small or big disagreements, and even distant, with you both in different orbits, not sure how you got there.

Sound familiar? You are not alone.

For couples looking to get your intimacy on track – or looking simply to improve on a good thing - I am offering a 10-week, individualized practice program to revive and enhance the love that you know that is there, while cultivating new tools to sustain a healthy relationship over time.

This program is right for you if:

  • You have lost that “spark” or feeling of being turned on by one another
  • You DO have that spark, but know it could be hotter and want to fine-tune your connection
  • You let the “little things” get in the way and just can’t shake that constant, low level annoyance
  • You have experienced either small or major stressors and you never fully recovered
  • You feel distant from your partner and you want your intimacy back
  • You believe this relationship is worth investing in and you are ready to have what is possible

couple head to head

Get Your Intimacy on Track has 3 elements tailored to your needs:

  • Get Your Communication On Track: Couples Coaching & Therapy
  • Get Your Sexuality On Track: Orgasmic Meditation
  • Get Your Play On Track: The Dance of Intimacy

Weeks 1-3:  Communication - Couples Coaching & Therapy

We begin with couples coaching and therapy. A chance to set our compass for the 10-week program. Agree on your goals. Put your fears and your hopes on the table. And begin to map the current dynamic of your relationship.

Through couples coaching & therapy you will practice:

  • How to listen for the communication beneath your partner’s words
  • How to slow down when an argument begins to heat up
  • How to use a creative shorthand to interrupt the cycle of disconnection and reconnect
  • How to tune into your body as an anchor of the present moment, and use physical sensation to re/align with your partner
  • How to ask for what you want cleanly, and in turn, hear your partner’s requests with approval
  • How to negotiate the optimal balance between independence and interdependence while avoiding the trap of co-dependence

Weeks 4-6: Sexuality - Conscious Orgasm Training

In the next three sessions, I will teach you the practice of Conscious Orgasm, or CO for short (or if you already have a practice, we will refine it). CO is a partnered sexuality practice that incorporates relational communication practices to have more vitality, connection and turn on as an individual and between you and a partner.  CO is a practice done between two people that has no goal except to feel what is happening in the moment.

In our CO training you will practice:

  • How to let go of agenda and be present to the rise and fall of sensation in your body
  • How to stay connected to your partner in high sensation and connect your words to your experience
  • How to ask for what you want and own your desire
  • How to feel into what is called the “limbic connection”, your body’s hard-wired ability to tune in to another person
  • How to use simple boundaries to bring you closer by heightening the sense of relaxation and safety
  • How to apply clear requests/boundaries to the rest of your life
  • How to bring the principles of CO into your physical intimacy to discover what your actual turn on for one another looks like, without expectations or predetermined roles or patterns

Weeks 7-9: Remembering to Play - The Dance of Intimacy

In the last third of our work, we will explore a playful partnered dance form called Contact Improvisation. Contact improvisation, or contact for short, is a simple dance practice in which two people share a moving point of connection. In contact, partners neither lead nor follow. Instead, while staying physically connected, they improvise the unfolding movement together. Since contact is not choreographed, it doesn’t need to look any particular way. It is fun, it is spontaneous and anyone at any skill or ability level can learn.

Through our movement work you will practice:

  • Being in your body and moving through space with ease, no matter how your partner is moving
  • Discovering your solo dance within the shared duet
  • Maintaining physical connection with your partner even in the unknown
  • Cultivating the “improvisational mind” for making in-the-moment, creative choices
  • Exploring edges of trust and surrender by giving your partner weight and receiving their weight
  • Letting go of predetermined roles and having fluidity between giver and receiver/leader and follower
  • Playing for the sake of playing and being enriched by healthy, creative fun
  • Bringing the principles of contact into your day-to-day dance of intimacy

couple under sunset

Weeks 10: Bringing It Home - Making Intimacy Sustainable

In our final session together, I will help you design your long-term plan to sustain the intimacy you desire.

We will discuss:

  • How to apply the three primary elements (communication, sexuality and play) to your daily schedules and practices
  • How to access community resources for ongoing support
  • How to develop a plan to recover quickly from disconnection and use fights as fuel to continually improve your ability to reconnect.
  • How to use living agreements as your personal relationship container for long-term relationship health

All 10-week intensives will be tailored to each couple’s specific goals and needs, which will be determined in an initial, one-hour Exploratory consultation.


“We turned to Dr. Tartaro at a time when communication between us had broken down so far that there was talk of divorce. Within a few sessions, Jessica had helped us to rediscover the passion, patience, and communication skills we had lost. She has excellent skills and a presence that really helps you want to try the techniques she is suggesting. Thank you, Jessica for helping us to save our marriage!”

- C. and C. R.


Program Options & Pricing

Get Your Intimacy On Track Has Multiple Pricing Options:

single session from program:

$225 per session

1 module - 3 sessions:

$645 ($215 per session)

2 modules - 6 sessions:

$1200 ($200 per session)

Complete the entire program - 10 sessions:

$1750 ($175 per session)

Conscious Orgasm

 I specialize in teaching a simple, 15-minute partnered sexuality practiced called Conscious Orgasm, or CO for short. Through CO I have woven together mindful communication practices with the sexual potency of OM to create a transformative tool for singles and couples.

Couples Coaching

We all want relationships that thrive. The ones where you are equal parts friend, partner and lover, and can stay connected through the ups and down. I believe that you can have it. That we all can.


If you want to open your heart, start with your body.  Movement practices are a vital doorway into discovering what is true inside of us so that we can connect authentically with others.  I teach dance events at the intersection of intimacy, consent, improvisation and community.

Communication Games

Ever wanted to feel the freedom to say just exactly what you always felt? Feel like you are always hiding behind the “polite thing” or the “safe guy or girl strategy?” Most people do. You are not alone. What if you had the tools to unlock the thoughts that live in your head and express yourself freely to others?