Join me, Dr. Jessica Tartaro, for the final of three Sunday afternoons this fall of local couples getting the chance to connect with one another and feed your relationship while practicing alongside other couples in community.

Sunday November 19th | 3-5pm | @The Chimacum Grange | 9572 Rhody Dr, Chimacum, WA 98325

Through a series of playful and embodied communication games, I will guide you to slow down, catch your breath, pay attention to each other (like really pay attention) and reignite your curiosity for your partner, no matter how long you have been together.

At “Couples Connection at the Grange”, you will get the chance to build empathy for yourselves and one another by acknowledging with other couples that it’s not always easy to be in partnership! It is my hope that you will leave these two hours with less tension and more kindness and hope for your partner and your relationship than when you began.


For this event, I will be collaborating with much sought after childcare educators and mamas, Molly Stebbins and Heather Lovetree, who will be heading up the childcare team on the basement level of the Grange. See below for childcare pricing and details.  Advanced registration required for childcare.


There are two “why’s” for me. One, this summer I have heard accounts of local couples deeply struggling, many of them with children, including couples that have parted ways. Not every relationship is meant to last. But it seems clear to me as an Intimacy Coach that couples need more support, especially from the larger community, to sustain and deepen intimacy over time. It’s just so hard to do in isolation. And the challenge magnifies when children are in the picture.

The other reason is, me too. Since giving birth to our daughter 10 1/2 months ago, my husband and I have hit challenges we never knew were possible in our marriage. They have shook us. We started couples therapy this summer and have discovered a new world of relating more deeply and with more empathy and patience for one another. I know we are not alone in hitting these walls. So I wanted to share what I know with the couples in our community – both as a couples coach as well as a wife myself encountering my own challenges.  My husband will be joining us for this event.


– Partners in short or long term partnerships who want to invest in their relationship
– Busy, overworked parents who spend their time nourishing their children but not themselves or each other
– Intimate partners who have lost track of the spark of aliveness and want to reintegrate the wonder in your love
– Any couple who has felt the pain of thinking, “we are the only ones struggling in this way” (you are not!)

>> I celebrate different relationship styles, gender expansion and queerness of all kinds and welcome all forms of love and couple-hood at this event. <<

At “Couples Connection at the Grange”, you will get a chance not only to rediscover your own partner but to do so among other couples taking the time to invest in their relating, too. As a community, we will get to feel the commonalities across so many of our relationships, both the strengths as well as the challenges. When we “communalize” our process of making relationships work, we grow stronger. Let us – for ourselves and our children – grow stronger together, in this way.


* Tickets are $15/person or $30 for the couple. Advanced registration requested! Pay by Venmo, “Jessica-Tartaro”, 5562.

* Families who pay for childcare attend this event for FREE.

* For the two hour event, childcare is $25 for 1 child. If you have more than one child, it’s $10 extra for 2 children and $5 extra for a third child. So, 1 child = $25. 2 children = $35. 3 children = $40. Minimum child age of 2 years old.

* IMPORTANT: YOU MUST SIGN UP AND PAY FOR CHILDCARE IN ADVANCE. Email with the ages of your children. Venmo “Jessica-Tartaro”, 5562, with your payment.

This is the final, drop-in couples workshop of the season. I will be offering continued couples work next year but the format will be shifting.  Cast your vote for what format for couples support would work best for you in 2024 HERE.

We look forward to welcoming you to an afternoon of celebrating and building up partnership and all the ways that healthy partnerships strengthen healthy community!

Sunday November 19th | 3-5pm | @The Chimacum Grange | 9572 Rhody Dr, Chimacum, WA 98325


Dr. Jessica Tartaro (she/her) is a cis-gendered, able bodied, Sicilian Jewish Intimacy Coach & Connection Facilitator with nearly 20 years of experience in the healing arts working with individuals, couples and groups. Former Fulbright scholar, she passionately believes that everyone can learn how to have closeness with others – whatever your history – through committed practice, connecting with your body and a good dose of play. Jessica is the founder of “SpeakUP PNW”, a connection games community on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington that meets, practices, messes up and starts again in the quest to grow healthy relating. In 2020, she founded the free, weekly intimacy podcast, “Under 10” so that anyone who wanted it could learn the tools for meaningful relationships. And in 2022, she took a big break from all of it to birth her daughter who is teaching her every day about the depths of intimacy. Read more at


Molly Stebbins has been in childhood education for 15 years with a focus on birth to 5 years of age. She is also a mother of 2 children, ages 18 and 11, and lives on a 5 acre homestead with her daughter where she runs a preschool program called The Rainbow Garden.

Heather Lovetree is an experienced educator and certified Waldorf teacher. She earned a Masters in Education and lives on the Olympic Peninsula with her children and husband.