In Episode 17 I talk about how using a timer can not only help you be more productive in life, it can also intensify and direct the heat, desire and yearning in your physical intimacy.  I dare you to try it this week.

0:49 “I’ll time you!” worked every time with our youngest brother.
1:35 When we create the artifact of limited time, something inside may enliven that would otherwise be dull.
2:25 It can be easy to fog out in our days without social interaction.
3:50 Dr. Brene Brown’s definition of vulnerability
4:49 While the timer is ticking, open your heart and let your words follow.
5:45 Why setting a timer for makeouts or sex works
6:15 Left wanting more in physical intimacy is a good thing!
7:02 I describe most delicious, 3-minute kiss with my husband
7:41 “You must respect the ding!”
8:32 This week’s homework.

Resources: Daring Greatly (2012) by Dr. Brene Brown

Podcast produced by Sal DeRosalia
Music composed and performed by Aimee Mia Kelley
Photo by Mpho Mojapelo via Unsplash


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