The bottom line about grief is that it’s better to feel it than resist it. Yet, most adults resist grief. With episode 18, I demystify the communal grieving process as well as make a connection between pleasure and grief that I bet you didn’t realize.

1:05 The beginning of my grief journey
1:43 My initial grieving experiences were private
2:31 I was scared of being seen in my grief.
4:08 What happened next changed my life.
4:40 One by one, people would burst open.
5:00 No one went to the altar alone.
5:36 I willed my feet to move and found myself in a row of grievers.
6:34 The force of the room’s commitment to grieving took me into its current.
7:38 In the company of others, I can let go of what I couldn’t release alone.
7:48 What does grief have to do with pleasure
8:42 Moving grief means you have more room for pleasure.
9:22 Grief is its own form of orgasm.
9:38 This week’s homework – two parts.
10:16 The more of us who grieve, the more pleasure and wisdom can flow in the world.

Resources: Some of my favorite songs to grieve to:  The Promise (1995) by Tracy Chapman. Bone Dance (2015) by Deya Dova. Trusty and True (2014) by Damien Rice. Go In Peace (2017) by Sam Baker.

For community grieving online: “Holding Our Hearts: A Spring Grief Tending Circle (6 weeks)” – – and “Community Grief Tending Circles (twice a month on Zoom  Next one April 17th)” –

Podcast produced by Sal DeRosalia
Music composed and performed by Aimee Mia Kelley
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon via Unsplash


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