Boundaries not only protect us, they make it possible for us to let others in. However, if your emotional sensitivity is a survival mechanism, it can feel impossible to stop taking responsibility for others. In episode 20, I describe the challenge of boundaries for highly empathic people and include essential action steps for restoring a feeling of control in your relationships.

1:09 I got confused about boundaries at a young age
2:30 I call this “empathy activated in the jungle”
3:10 Empathy without boundaries exacts a high price from the empathizer
3:57 How Obi-Wan Kenobi guided the Jedi’s to befriend the force
4:22 Our adult work is to install the control deck
4:45 We lose respect for ourselves when we let others overstep us
5:15 I fall in love with myself when this happens
6:10 Boundaries help us feel the magnet
6:38 You can be with them but not become them
6:45 Aaron Johnson of Holistic Resistance and his example of boundaries
7:22 “To not be invincible is how I ground myself”
8:19 This is a good way to start your boundaries practice
8:58 This week’s practice
9:28 Boundary mantras to repeat

Resources: Holistic Resistance and their anti-racist, community fostering programs have changed my life. I can’t recommend them enough and encourage you to sign up for one of their offerings.

Podcast produced by Sal DeRosalia
Music composed and performed by Aimee Mia Kelley
Photo by Alvin Lenin via Unsplash


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