Resisting the urge to numb ourselves from the overwhelm of life takes determination. In this episode, I teach you a simple tool that you can practice any time for reclaiming the preciousness of your moments and turning stale air into pixie dust.

00:43 My definition of magic

01:02 I tell the story of my Fulbright year and that moment of magic on the train platform

2:45 “1…2…3. London.”

3:55 Why you might be missing moments of your life, too

4:56 The risk of this shortcut

5:25 What he actually did to shake my reality

5:44 All of us have access to moments that can move us to tears, if we are willing to notice.

6:32 You and I are sharing an important moment right now.

7:03 I call it “sequencing” or “framing”

7:48 “You are my husband”.

8:28 It takes calling ourselves back.

9:08 This week’s homework.

Photo by Gordon Williams on Unsplash

Podcast Produced by Sal DeRosalia

Music composed and performed by Mia Kelley