When love comes knocking, can you grow beyond who you have been to let it in?  That’s the question I ask in this episode as well as offer a partner practice that can transform your relationship to receiving.

00:32 I start by giving you some love – can you receive it?
1:57 Think about when someone gives you a complement
2:29 The Big Leap and the Upper Limit Problem
3:16 The factors that set our limits for happiness
4:31 What once protected us can now sharply limit us
5:12 I share a personal story about getting through a very dark time in my life.
6:50 Receiving begins with the in breath.
7:15 Instructions for this week’s homework
8:32 Drinking in the offer of love down your spine to your feet
9:00 Having someone home to receive love is vital for growing into a happier version of yourself

Resources: The Big Leap (2010) by Dr. Gay Hendricks is a must read. The Hendricks Institute website also has volumes of free resources on living your genius and finding lasting happiness.
Podcast produced by Sal DeRosalia

Music composed and performed by Mia Kelley

Photo by Hanneke Laaning on Unsplash