If eye gazing makes you squirm, you aren’t alone. But have you ever wondered why? In this episode, I describe the process by which eye gazing reveals the truth of our hearts.

1:07 A first eye gazing exercise

2:66 A peek into what I teach couples in intimacy coaching sessions

3:22 The instruction is to keep coming back

3:55 When we hold another’s gaze, it may be them we are seeing but it’s us we are feeling.

4:18 What do you do with your eyes when you are hurt?

5:03 Here’s the reason I became an intimacy coach.

5:41 I recently got triggered and I couldn’t look up.

6:42 The eyes are both a vulnerability and a superpower.

7:05 A second eye gazing exercise

8:00 Grounding is coming home to yourself.

9:14 This week’s homework

Podcast produced by Sal DeRosalia

Music composed and performed by Aimee Mia Kelley

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash