Pacing our communication and seeking consent for the small and big transitions in conversation can smooth the rough edges of our relating and build trust.  In this episode, I share this “relational superpower” with you step-by-step.

1:13 I tell you what I’m going to do before I do it (aka this is the tool)

2:02 I define consent

2:30 What gets in the way of bringing our whole selves along into our love lives

3:37 Consent is like the rails to hang on to through the perils of intimacy

4:08 The benefits of asking before you ask

4:45 The alternative is to blurt it out and surprise the people around us

5:31 A personal story about two friends and their struggle with consent

6:52 Here’s what might have helped

8:30 Holding the worldview of the other person as we attune our communication

8:48 This week’s homework


Writing I have done on this topic, including a blog about my first kiss with my husband. And an older blog about this tool here, also published in Elephant Journal.

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