The hard times in life are unavoidable.  But feeling alone and isolated inside of them is not. How we listen when our loved ones are struggling can make all the difference.

1:21A hypothetical, low stakes conversation and three options for listening

2:20 Do you hear any difference across options?

2:59 The distinction between “attention out” and “attention in”

4:26 When the stakes get higher, this is the key to powerful listening.

4:39 A hypothetical, high stakes conversation and a fourth option for listening

5:46 “Getting someone else’s world”

6:53 How “getting someone’s world” works in practice.

8:45 The risks of isolation and the benefits of deep listening

9:28 This week’s homework.

Resources: I first learned the expression “getting someone’s world” from the relational practice of Circling. You can read more about this practice here.

Podcast produced by Sal DeRosalia
Music composed and performed by Aimee Mia Kelley
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