It can be easy to rush through a quick squeeze without realizing that hugs can be a source of deep nourishment for our relationships. In this episode, I introduce you to the four principles for learning to give good hugs.

1:11 These two men said I give good hugs.

1:50 I admit, they were right.

2:23 The Four Principles of Hugging Well

2:30 Principle #1

2:58 I define “perma-consent”

3:39 How to ask for a hug consensually

3:54 Principle #2

4:15 Embodying yourself includes these things.

5:07 Principle #3

6:10 Unless you are “Amma the Hugging Saint”, you have permission not to hug everyone.

6:58 Principle #4

8:06 When you follow all four steps, both people can co-regulate.

8:54 This week’s homework.

Podcast produced by Sal De Rosalia

Music composed and produced by Aimee Mia Kelley

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