Instead of only sounding in your love making when you feel pleasure, in this episode I explain why you might moan in order to expand your pleasure and in so doing, become a source of your own enchantment.

1:08 I’ll be talking about sex in this episode

1:27 Redefining the term “making love”

2:05 The story that inspired this episode

4:23 Pleasure and sound are reciprocally causal

5:16 The barriers to making sound when making love

6:13 Let’s take a breath together

6:30 A “low stakes” starting point

7:17 Becoming a source of your own enchantment

7:54 Lev Grossman quote about magic

8:45 This week’s homework.

Resources: The band Parra for Cuva:  And Lev Grossman, author of The Magicians trilogy and other books:

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