In Episode #50, I share with you a secret about my sex life and reveal a lesson that I’ve been teaching you all along throughout all my previous forty-nine episodes, though you may not have realized it was actually about sex.  Transcript for this episode available here.

1:38 Climax in movies or literature

2:38 The “plotline” of our sexual experience

3:15 Our bodies don’t always follow the script

3:30 The challenge of not summiting the mountain

4:15 Most people have this measure for sex

5:00 Another way to think about sexual pleasure

5:40 A new definition for orgasm

6:50 The benefits of this model

7:07 Not measuring success or failure in bed

7:25 My big secret revealed

9:31 This week’s homework

Note:  All bodies are different, and no sexual guidance is ever a one-size-fits-all solution, including what I reference in this episode. This show is an introduction to what I teach couples and by no means meant to suggest that resolving sexual dysfunction or relationship challenges due to sex is easy.  If you have questions about your sex life and want a tailored consultation for you and your partner, please reach out to me or to another conscious sexuality professional to talk about your specific sexual needs and priorities.

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