Most people never learned why talking matters in our love making. In this episode, I explain how words in bed are the road signs orienting you for the journey and teach you three different forms of communication you can use to connect to your partner during your sex. Transcript for this episode available here.

1:55 The majority of people learned about sex this way

3:05 Sex without words is not how real sex looks

4:03 Talking to one another in bed serves an essential purpose

4:48 Silence in sex is like driving without road signs

5:27 It doesn’t make you bad, just uninformed

5:38 Three ways to communicate during sex

5:59 Name what you are feeling in your body

7:02 Ask for what you want in a way your partner can hear

8:14 Make a simple, singular offer

8:40 Examples of questions not to ask in bed

9:35 Communicating in sex tells your partner many important things

10:10 This week’s homework

Podcast produced by Sal DeRosalia

Music composed and performed by Aimee Mia Kelley

Photo by Mahrael Boutros on Unsplash

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