Individual therapy is important. But it will never alone fill the needs that community so powerfully meets. We need the village more than ever. In this episode I explain how being a part of a healthy community, in addition to doing your personal work, is key for activating our blueprint for health. Transcript for this episode available here.

1:05 I recently burned myself – the scar is ugly

2:00 How engaging in personal work can feel overwhelming

2:48 This conviction keeps me going even when change isn’t visible

3:30 What is needed to activate healing change

4:10 How community can deliver what’s needed

5:15 Saying to the pain, “You are at last outnumbered”.

5:52 One therapist or coach can never be the village

6:05 “The work of community is the practice of care stitching the world together”

6:46 Tom Robbins quote – healing backwards in time

7:37 This week’s homework

8:25 Sneak preview of next episode

Resources:  Author Mark Nepo says, “No one can live your life for you, but no one can make it alone, either”. Read more about his inspiring work to teach healthy relationships and rebuild community at  The Tom Robbins quote is from Still Life With Woodpecker.  Marvel at his other quotes from the same novel here:

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