In this episode, I attempt to normalize why asking for what you need whether big or small can feel scary when you think it might rock the boat of your intimate relationship. Transcript for this episode available here.

1:30 Dr. Brene Brown’s definition of vulnerability

1:50 In order for love to get in, we have to get uncomfortable

2:54 The high stakes of intimate partnership

3:43 You have let them believe something is true when it’s not

3:50 Examples of untold truths

4:35 Why the trap of withholding truths is so easy to fall into

5:15 The reasons people avoid truth telling

6:25 The same reason you avoid telling truths is the reason to tell them

7:35 We are in relationship to come more alive.

8:37 This week’s homework

8:58 Next week’s episode

Resources: Dive into the abundance of wisdom on vulnerability, shame and authenticity with Dr. Brene Brown’s work here:

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