Though it may seem simple, opening with gratitude when what you want in love touches you can shake you to your core.  In this episode, I explain why and offer you practices for growing this capacity. Transcript for this episode is available here.

1:21 Caveat: you may not like this story

1:40 Something very delicious in my life

2:33 What do you notice?

2:52 The first principle – the ability to joy in another’s joy

3:50 Can you tap some of this as if it was yours?

4:00 It will take training to stop contracting at others’ happiness.

4:50 Finding by Brene Brown about gratitude and joy

5:22 What are my options for responding to his love?

6:07 To pause in the face of beauty and say, I will let you touch me

6:45 This is why genuine, embodied gratitude can be so hard

7:41 Gratitude is a verb.

7:55 This week’s homework.

9:29 Gratitude can help us heal.

Resources: The famous orgasm diner scene from When Harry Met Sally is always worth a watch: Read more about Brene’s Brown’s finding that gratitude invites more joy at:

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