Most people feel some shame about masturbation.  Yet self-pleasuring is a powerful way to know what your body wants. In this episode, I tell the story of how I met the Grandmother of Masturbation and invite you to reflect on your earliest messages about your body’s pleasure.  Transcript for this episode available here.

1:01 Exploring your body shows you what feels good and what doesn’t

1:23 I dedicate this episode to Betty Dodson, the Grandmother of Masturbation

1:57 The story of how I got humped by Betty

4:51 My self-pleasuring origin story

7:35 It can feel intimidating to try

7:46 Exploring your body is a way to meet yourself

8:26 Our culture is terrified of us getting sexually empowered

8:44 The locus of control shifts

8:56 This week’s homework

Resources: Betty Dodson died on October 31, 2020, but her legacy lives on. Find her book, Sex for One: The Joy of Selfloving anywhere books are sold including here.  And watch one of the final interviews she gave before her death on the Netflix series, “Goop Lab”, in Season 1 Episode 3, “The Pleasure Is Ours”:

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