In this week’s episode, I delve into the importance of a self-pleasure practice and specific steps you can take to create or deepen your practice.  Whether you’ve been pleasuring yourself for a lifetime or have never felt ready – until now – I’m grateful you’re along for this exploration.  Transcript for this episode is available here.

1:56 Yes, masturbation can be a practice

2:10 What happens to our psychology when we hide or don’t share something

3:06 Our attention changes the object of our attention

3:24 Something fractured getting more whole

4:13 Masturbation as a full body, self-honoring ritual

4:51 Paying attention to ourselves is counterintuitive to our cultural programming

5:28 Quote by Eduardo Galleano

6:06 Pleasure is a pathway to inhabit yourself

6:58 I choose to be a fiesta.

6:55 An imagination exercise

8:00 Permission to make it up and let go of a goal

9:18 This week’s homework

Resources: In addition to celebrating the body, Eduardo Galeano (1940-2015) was a passionate advocate for human rights and social justice. Read more about him as well as listen to interviews here:

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