Having things unsaid in a relationship will clog the pipes of your connection.  In this episode, I explain that it’s never too late to get vulnerable and bring the flow back.  Transcript for this episode is available here.

00:49 Big announcement about “Under 10”

1:39 Where to find me on Patreon going forward

2:10 What “getting stuck” means

2:43 You know you’ve gotten stuck when these things are happening

3:23 Poop metaphor (skip ahead as needed)

4:20 This is what unclogs the pipes

4:45 It’s the vulnerability that creates the flow

5:14 An example from a friend’s hot first date and how she got stuck

7:02 The bad news and the good news about getting unstuck

7:48 This week’s homework

9:32 The pun I couldn’t resist

9:42 I hope to see you on Patreon!

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