Reflective listening is deceptively simple. Anyone can practice it. And it has the potential to help us “catch up” when overwhelming events can be too much to digest on our own.  Transcript for this episode available here.

1:30 Emotionally metabolize events that are too big

2:15 Listening for dummies (not really)

2:35 A reflective listening example

3:04 It’s okay to be skeptical

3:40 It just works – here’s why

3:57 We hear through the filters over our ears

4:30 The costs of the distortion

5:23 Why “feeling heard” is so important

7:10 “I will not try to change you”.

8:44 Help us “catch up” to ourselves

9:07 This week’s homework

9:55 Be sure to include this follow up phrase

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