In episode 9, I introduce you to my 19-year-old college self and describe my choice to start therapy. The year was 1995. I haven’t stopped since. Here’s why.

1:00 My intent is not to persuade you but to educate you.
2:00 The beginning of my therapy journey
2:55 He told me that I coped by intellectualizing.
3:50 I began to drop into my body and unlock grief, rage, horror and sadness.
4:15 Like waking up from a fog.
4:34 With my therapist, I practice “doing life better”.
5:07 The therapy relationship is a template – a taste of healthy relating – that we can repeat.
5:28 Without support to come out of your intellect and into the body, you may not change your patterns.
5:50 A possible starting point – doing research and listening to your gut.
7:02 “I told him I quit. I don’t trust you”.  He had the right answer for me.
7:35 Why hire a coach or a therapist? Here’s why.
8:50 Consider setting an intention to acknowledge your healing and well-being.
9:10 Questions you can ask a potential therapist or coach.

Bonus: If you DO decide to seek out a therapist or coach, here are some questions I recommend you ask  to empower you to find the right person. See if any of these might feel relevant or useful to you! (1) Are you trained to deal with trauma? If so, how?  (2) Do you work with the body in therapy or coaching? If so, how?  (3) What’s your own history of being in therapy?  (4) I have trouble opening up to people I don’t know. How will you help me with that?  (5) Do you offer a sliding scale, Covid discounts or social justice rates to help me afford your services?

Podcast produced by Sal DeRosalia
Music composed and performed by Aimee Mia Kelley
Photo by Danielle Maclnnes via Unspash


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Telephone: 1 (480) 993-5562

“Contact me to schedule an initial, complimentary consultation – called an Exploratory – to explore the fit for coaching together.”

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