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Connecting Our Hearts to Our Sex & Our Sex to Our Hearts: A Keynote Lecture at the 6th Holistic Festival of Life and Wellness

***This is a FREE event.***

This lecture will be a preview of the upcoming class:
Connecting Our Hearts to Our Sex & Our Sex to Our Hearts: An Introduction

One thing I’ve noticed in personal growth and transformation work is that we can work on our sex or we can work on our heart, as if they were two separate doorways.

But it’s rare to talk about the connection between the two.

For example, through one-on-one therapy, authentic relating, circling, forgiveness practices, loving kindness meditation, chanting, yoga and a plethora of other healing modalities, we can learn to open our vulnerable hearts, heal childhood wounds and find compassion for ourselves and others.

But where is our sex in these discussions? Aren’t our hearts only a mere matter of feet above our genitals?

And then there’s kink, Orgasmic Meditation (OM), yoni or lingum massage, dominance play, rope play, role-play, different positions, a plethora of toys and other avenues for exploding our sexual pleasure.

But is the experience only limited to between our legs? How is it that we can take off all our clothes but still keep our hearts concealed?

Join Dr. Jessica Tartaro for a keynote lecture at the 6th Holistic Festival of Life and Wellness.

“Connecting our Hearts to Our Sex and Our Sex to Our Hearts” will be a taste. An introduction to the possibility that there is an important link between our heart work and our sexuality work.

What if our sexual experience offered us a potent, direct pathway to healing our deepest emotional wounds? And what if our vulnerable hearts, when open, could exponentially magnify the pleasure quotient in the bedroom?

Participants will leave this lecture with a framework for thinking about the link between our vulnerable selves and our intimate relationships plus introductory tools for healing this divide.

In my experience, the work of satisfying, sustainable intimacy boils down to getting vulnerable. And we can touch that vulnerability through many beautiful doorways. But I personally know no more powerful path than to open our sex while opening our hearts. THAT, I have found, is the key to putting us back together. To the greatest pleasure, expansion and healing we were designed to have.

I hope you will come on by!


Dr. Jessica Tartaro is an Intimacy Psychologist with nearly 20 years experience working with individuals, couples and groups. She has traveled the world conducting research on growth through trauma as well as studying with leaders in the authentic relating and circling movements. Jessica runs a private Intimacy Coaching practice in Dallas, TX, where she facilitates regular dance events, leads communication games and teaches workshops on orgasmic connection. Her gift lies in embodying vulnerability as an invitation for you to find the most authentic, alive, vital and creative parts of yourself through which to connect with others. Book her for a complementary consultation for private coaching or schedule her to speak at your event at www.DrJessicaTartaro.com.