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Friends! This coming Friday we will be graced by Live Improvised Cello by Savanna de Valle for our Contact Jam! Having a *Live*zsuzsi and savanna musician on board adds a whole new layer to our Friday play dates of Contact Improvisation! You may know from your previous experiences. Right? 😀 Well, come on and explore new layers of your being, now guided by the poetic sound of the Cello.

Savanna de Valle has a passion and love for finding well being. She has been on a yoga journey along with dance and music. The connection with self and love of life drives her. She loves helping people connect deeply with themselves to help better see the world around them. With much love for all forms creativity she strives to help people better understand themselves. She continues to grow along side all she comes in contact. Will bring adventure and joy to each class and looks forward to the journey with you.

Once again, Zsuzsi Kapas will be 
facilitating our warm up somatic awareness style as we spiral into some effortless ways to move, shift, change levels and playful mini lifts while staying connected.

Are you new to Contact Improv? We welcome movers at all levels of movement experience to come by and participate in a playful, fun and engaging class that is lighting Dallas on fire!

Studio opens at 5:40pm. Come early to warm up and hang out, and we start class at 6:00pm.

6:00-7:00pm Guided Class w/ Zsuzsi
7:00-8:00pm Play, Sharing and CI Jam
*LIVE MUSIC* Cello by Savanna

Suggested donation for class: $15
Please, show your love to our live musician by bringing some donation for her as well.

WHO WE ARE: A group of fun, playful, down-to-earth non-professional moving bodies interested in getting better at using physical contact in dance to discover new possibilities for expression. Sound interesting? Then come on over and give us a try!

WHAT WE DO: Contact Improvisation (CI) is a way to connect with others physically and emotionally, and (mostly) non-verbally! It’s a dance practice in which two (or more) people share a moving point of connection, which often leads to sharing a common center of gravity, moving in and out of the ground, up and around in air, feeling limitless in space and time, with unlimited possibilities for FUN!!! Think… Romper Room for the Soul! And SO MUCH MORE!!

Note: All classes adaptable to your physical ability and skill level. All levels welcomed!

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Zsuzsi Kapas is an international yoga teacher, dance/movement improvisation facilitator and interdisciplinary artist based in Dallas, TX. She has traveled extensively in Europe and the USA teaching and studying various somatic modalities on land and in water. Her movement based research explores relationships through sensation and perception within and without. Zsuzsi teaches Psychology, Yoga and Life Skills in a private high school and she offers Dance Improvisation, Instant Composition, Somatic Exploration, Contact Improvisation and Guided Meditation classes and workshops internationally. Her private practice also includes giving Aguahara/Watsu sessions in a salt water pool, an underwater movement technique supporting relaxation, healing and transformation. For more information make sure you visit http://bloomingawareness.wix.com/embodied-flowment and like Embodiment Research and Movement Exploration with Zsuzsi

This clip to get a taste of contact improv by two playful practiced bodies:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNTwZTK_MCI

Contact improvisation is a playful outlet for our animal bodies, a deep meditation, a moving art form, a community builder, and a chance to push your edges of comfort and trust.

“Contact improv has given me more confidence as a man and as a dancer. I have learned how to provide stable support for my dance partners, and to trust them to hold my weight too. I am learning to move from my body and shut off my mind”. – Joshua Montross

“I am addicted to doing this every week! Every dance I do, when I’m finished I feel SO DEEPLY inspired, invigorated, relaxed, enthusiastic about life, and NEW! And I can take it back into my daily life.” – Courtney Clay