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Nearly 8 months ago I landed in Port Townsend from Dallas, TX, with my world packed into a U-haul and a small car and said, “This town has called me. I’m ready to start over”.

Since then and through the grace and generosity of this community, I have re-opened my private Intimacy Coaching practice on Taylor street, just down the block from the Rose Theatre.

There is much to celebrate!

You are invited to drop in for my official Port Townsend Open House on Friday, September 14th, from 12-6:30pm!

Come by to meet me, learn about my practice, enter a coaching raffle and get a taste of my services!

I will be offering a lecture, a taste of my signature connection event “SpeakUP”, a guided meditation with live music as well as a welcoming space to ask any question (no question off limits!) about Intimacy Coaching.

The full program for my Open House day is FREE.

In my private coaching practice I empower singles and couples to heal from the pain of hiding and emotional dis-integration and come into fulfilling, awake and vitalized relationships with themselves and others, in and out of the bedroom. You can think of intimacy coaching with me like taking the class that none of us took in school on emotional literacy and relational attunement. I’ve watched my clients light up and rediscover their natural turn on when their words, heart and body can come into alignment. Orgasmic health is the natural byproduct of this integration.

As a community leader I facilitate authentic connection for groups through my weekly connection games at Madrona called “SpeakUP” as well as at immersive community events such as Dance Camp Northwest and the Human Relations Laboratory.

Finally, I am launching a leadership training programs for healing artists interested in cultivating greater vulnerability and transparency in their leadership. Stay tuned for details.


12-3pm Open mingle, light refreshments will be provided
3-4pm Lecture: “My Therapist Is a Human Too: A New Model of Healing Arts Leadership”
4:30-5:30 SpeakUP Communication Games
5:30-6pm Guided Meditation with Live Hand Pan played by Casson Trenor
6-6:30pm Closing & Raffle Drawing

One lucky raffle winner will be gifted a three-session coaching package for either a single or a couple (this is over a $600 value). Stay until the end to see if that will be YOU!

So about this lecture. Again, the title is, “My Therapist Is a Human Too: A New Model of Healing Arts Leadership”.

I don’t know about you, but the leadership model that has guided most of my life goes like this: If you are a leader, it’s because you are less flawed than the rest of us. There is little room for messy humanness if you are going to teach and help others. And there is something definitely wrong with you if you have self doubts, struggle with depression or addiction and want to teach other people. Sorry, this model of leadership requires you to be more evolved than that!

I have encountered much personal pain attempting to fit myself into this model. I have felt shame for the ways that I am just like – *just like* – the people I serve in fundamental ways. No one talks about why we get into this profession and how those original wounds continue to need tending long after we get our degrees. After much trial and error and nearly twenty years with clients and circles of community members, I have come to believe a different pathway for leadership is possible.

In this lecture I will share about a model of leadership I call, “The Alternative Leader”. In this model, it is *precisely* because of my humanness that I have a healing impact on others, not despite. I will share about my personal journey to discovering, often the hard way, how unsustainable it is to avoid my own vulnerability in my work. And the new programming I have created to teach this new model to communities as well as other healing artists.

I believe that my greatest healing impact comes when I allow myself to remain transparent and participate in the healing process, when I pay attention to my body moment by moment throughout my days, when as a priority I build in time to stay fueled and happy, when I acknowledge and have reverence for my vulnerability, and when I have fun and receive support out loud with the people I trust.

I look forward to sharing my practice with you on September 14th!


Dr. Jessica Tartaro is an Intimacy Therapist with nearly 20 years experience working with individuals, couples and groups. Former Fulbright Scholar, she has traveled the world conducting research on growth through trauma as well as studying with leaders in the authentic relating and circling movements. Her gift lies in embodying vulnerability as an invitation for you to find the most authentic, alive, vital and creative parts of yourself through which to connect with others. Compelled by the beauty of the land and people, Jessica has recently migrated from Dallas, TX to Port Townsend, WA, where she has re-opened her private Intimacy Coaching practice down the street from The Rose Theatre. Look for her dance events, ongoing communication games and workshops on orgasmic connection. Book her for a complimentary consultation for private coaching or schedule her to speak at your event at www.DrJessicaTartaro.com.

Read more about SpeakUP, my weekly connection games night at Madrona MindBody Institute on Wednesdays from 6:30pm-8:30pm:


Drop-ins always welcome!