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Dearest Texas Authentic Relating leaders!

It deeply warms my heart that so many of you who have graduated ALFT/ALT are leading games with one another’s support and encouragement. My eyes sparkle when I read reports of your offerings. What a joy it is to witness the continuation of the community that I grew in Dallas as well as watch the maturing and expanding of the Houston and Austin communities

I want to help you keep growing.

You are invited to join me, Micah Sutton & Zachary Robison for an intimate training for Texas connection leaders beginning Friday October 5th through Saturday October 6th. This will be the first workshop of its kind and will be tailored specifically to those who sign up.

What going to the “next level” means…

Some of you attended my SpeakUP nights, my private groups as well as courses I taught. So you know that I believe strongly that the best way to lead others into a practice of authenticity and vulnerability is to practice being authentic and vulnerable in our own lives.

Easier said than done.

Now that you have started leading games yourselves, it’s *likely* that you are discovering how much sitting in front of the room shows you places inside yourselves that are “undone”, where stones of awareness are unturned or there are sharp edges of resistance making it hard to stretch and expand.

It’s humbling, right? No matter how long I do this, every time I lead I discover those edges myself.

The “next level” of facilitation, from my perspective, is using what you are discovering in your personal process of leading games in Dallas, Houston and Austin and INTEGRATING that awareness into your leadership.

This is authentic leadership, I believe. The willingness to keep being a learner through your own process.

Everyone who walks into a room where you are leading from this level of commitment will grow. The rewards are immeasurable.

And I can help you do this.

So HOW exactly will we accomplish this feat?

Read on…


Friday October 5th 5:30-9:30pm: Potluck & Games night
Saturday October 6th 10am-8pm: “Next Level” Skill Building


On Friday night we will gather for a potluck at Elisabeth’s home, where the workshop will take place. After dinner, Micah, Zachary and I will lead a games night and make our process transparent. It will be like the “director’s cut” of a film. Doing what we do and telling you along the way “why” we are doing it as well as our own internal process in relationship to our facilitation choices. It should be fun!

On Saturday morning we will teach “next level” facilitation principles in an experiential format.

This will include:

– How to use your “nerves” to develop immediate intimacy with yourself and the room
– How to use your own bodily awareness to tune into the experience of people at your games event
– How to help a room go “deeper” into their own vulnerability
– How to trust yourself to improvise at a games night in response to the moment

On Saturday afternoon, it will be your turn. We will use big group and small group exercises to help you “work your edge” as a facilitator. Each of you will identify a difference edge you want to work.

Examples of facilitation edges might include feeling uncomfortable with strong emotion in the room, knowing when to speed up versus slow down in your pacing, teaching to a room of mixed levels of experience, getting more transparent/vulnerable in your leadership, trusting your ability to improvise, letting go of needing to “get it right”, or any other host of edges that are specific to you.

How will you determine your edge?

Should you choose to accept it, here is your mission:


Between NOW and the end of September, every time you attend AR games whether you are leading or participating, take notes afterward in your Facilitator’s Journal. What worked about the facilitation, either yours or the facilitator’s? What questions arose for you about what unfolded in the room over the course of games? What edges of discomfort did you touch in your experience of games that night? What excited you about what happened?

In essence, I want you to start paying closer attention to your internal process in relationship to the facilitation. THIS will be the foundation of your next level training.

By Friday September 28th – one week before the training – I will have you email me a summary of the edge you want to work. This can be an account in any length. I want to know what you have discovered in these months of journaling and how you want my support to go deeper. Your journals will be my 42nd birthday gift that day ❤️.

Our weekend training will be tailored to the edges each of you want to work. If we the trainers have done our job well, you will leave with an expanded capacity to be present to the journey of your participants and your own life’s journey. I am hopeful many of you will say “yes” to this opportunity.

PREREQUISITE: You must have lead *at least* 3 games nights to attend this training. You can sign up without having completed all 3 as long as you have lead/co-lead 3 nights before the October training.


Early Bird Registration before September 18th —> $175
Regular Registration after September 18th —> $199

You can pay all at once or through a payment plan. If choosing a payment plan, please have your final payment to me completed by Friday October 5th. PM me for payment arrangements.

Send registration payment via Paypal to DrTartaro@gmail.com. Please select “Friends & Family” to avoid fees.

It is an honor to be working my own edge with you as a facilitator of up-and-coming facilitators. Thank you for your courage and your trust in yourself to keep growing. It is my belief that the world heals each time each of us identifies an edge and instead of contracting, chooses to expand it.

I hope to see you in October!