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Let’s face it. We women need to update our relating to one another. We have been trained to compete, to suspect, to make nice, to hide, to stay superficial and to sabotage in order to keep one another small. And this is if we are friends!

If you have ever been blindsided by a woman’s betrayal, you know the pain is agonizing. We have a deep longing to be backed by our sisters. But so few models for how to sustain that. Beginning with how to communicate our truth in a way that reveals all of us. We spend so much time hiding our truths from one another for lack of knowing how to speak them. And this keeps us very stuck.

We need a different way.

What would happen if we came out of hiding, dropped our age old fighting over men and prioritized our alliances with one another instead?

How would our communities change if rather than competing with one another we women approached our sisters with a genuine attitude of honesty, abundance and allegiance?

What if the joy and power of any one of us could elevate all of us?

We have choice in this matter. We have work to do to clean up the damage of an outdated model. And we have the creative power to design the new template for women backing women to lift one another up, way up.

Join me June 26th at 11:45am for my keynote lecture at the Third Holistic Festival of Life, titled “Bitches Be Gone: Recovering The Sexy Sisterhood”.

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Welcome to the Holistic Festival of Life!


holistic festival of lifeIf YES, this festival is for YOU!!
In one day, in one space, you’ll be able to learn about and sample a HUGE variety of life-enhancing modalities from highly skilled teachers and practitioners, including:

Pranic Healing – Vedic Chanting – Ayurveda – Yoga – Meditation – Chakra Balancing – Intuitive Guidance – Herbal Nutrition – Skin Care – Aromatherapy – Reiki – Feng Shui – Astrology – Psychic Readings – Tarot – Tantric Healing – Vastu Shastra – Massage Therapy And so much more!

Meet specialists licensed in western medicine whose focus is geared toward holistic living. We will have many renowned doctors with specialities in family health, fertility medicine, and who offer various other skilled wellness services.

Expo Hours 10am-8pm
Entry FREE to the FESTIVAL