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Journey in Freedom:

The Radical Practice of Living A Goodenough Life

2018 Human Relations Laboratory

Seven rich days of experiential learning and co-creativity
within a community environment

*What is it you want to focus on within yourself?
*How do you need to free yourself inside?
*In what areas do you need feedback about yourself?
*What keeps you from being as happy and fulfilled as you can be?

The Human Relations Laboratory is an experiential learning and training event that encourages participants to learn in many ways, all of them supporting the individual in efforts to release from patterns of resistance and grow into more freedom.

We will have opportunities to work with our own deficits and strengths as a relational partner and there will be many opportunities to practice improving our skills and learning from the relationships we develop, in the community of the week at the lab experience.

The “Lab” is always designed to help facilitate transformative experiences and integrate them into whole life contexts. It helps us experience the value of being in a community that teaches and demonstrates the skills of relationship. And always we enjoy laughing, dancing, good conversations, meditation, and quiet rest in the nights of a country setting.

Some Intentions For This Lab:
-Relationship incubator
-Waking up, getting and staying present, One taste
-Connecting heart to heart
-Energy raising
-A place for social experiments
-Social creativity
-Provide a field for sacred space and non-ordinary reality

More About The Lab Here: https://www.goodenough.org/human-relations-lab

More About The Beautiful Venue: https://www.sahaleretreat.org/