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In my ten years of free form dancing, I have found exquisite release on many a sweaty dance floor. As I have slowed down more recently into my body’s deeper needs for healing, I have been learning that my capacity to let go is directly related to the care invested in the structure holding me. Essentially, the safety and power of the container.

So, when Katrina asked me to lead this workshop to kick off hers and Kevin’s new dance, despite having just landed in this part of the country, I said yes. Immediately!

It is my honor to help lay a foundation of consciousness, care and consent for this new, exciting community. I hope you will join us.

Here’s what you can expect from the night:

I will start the evening with simple connection exercises to help us get our voices in the room. I will then describe the “Agreements” for the workshop, the guidelines to help us take care of our individual and relational needs while we participate in the group experience. You will have the chance to ask questions to clarify these agreements before we proceed.

Then during the main part of the evening I will guide you through large group, small group and partner exercises. These exercises are designed to help us identify our boundaries in real-time, nurture others’ boundaries and find words to navigate the shared space.

I invite you to participate in these exercises to whatever degree you feel moved. My experience is that the deeper the engagement, the deeper the learning. And I welcome you to find your own version of engagement, trusting you know your own edges and boundaries best! We will discuss this principle in greater depth during the Agreements.

Though there will be light movement involved, these will mostly be communication rather than movement practices.

Before, during and after the exercises I will encourage you to share your learning out loud (called “share back”) so that as a group we can metabolize together.

We will close by mining the gems of our experience together and making plans to dance together soon!

Finally, please plan to attend the entire workshop, including arriving in time for the opening circle at 7:15 and staying until 9:20 when the workshop closes (and ideally until closing circle completes at 9:45). This will help us ensure the cohesion and continuity of our learning process.

Don’t hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions. Email DrTartaro@gmail.com.


7pm Arrive
7:15 Opening Circle (please be present – doors close at this time)
7:20-9:20 Workshop
9:20-9:45 Closing Circle

COST: Suggested donation of $10 to $50 (no one turned away for lack of funds)

Please pay what you can so that we can make back the cost of renting the space AND still pay Jessica what she deserves to receive for sharing this incredible work!