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Let’s face it. We women need to update our relating to one another.
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We have been trained to compete, to suspect, to make nice, to hide, to stay superficial and to sabotage in order to keep one another small. And this is if we are friends!

If you have ever been blindsided by a woman’s betrayal, you know the pain is agonizing. We have a deep longing to be backed by our sisters, but so few models for how to sustain that and so few pathways for how to communicate our truth in a way that reveals all of us.


Our default is to hide our truths from one another for lack of knowing how to speak them. And this keeps us very stuck.

We need a different way.

What would happen if we came out of hiding, dropped our age old fighting over men and prioritized our alliances with one another instead?

How would our communities change if rather than competing with one another we women approached our sisters with a genuine attitude of honesty, abundance and allegiance?

And what if in this process our sexuality shifted from a hidden weapon of manipulation between us to a generous wellspring for inspiring and lighing one another up?

Join Jessica Tartaro and Ajna Shakti on Saturday, July 16th, for a bold workshop dedicated to answering these very questions.


At this experiential workshop, will gather as women to:

– Explore and reveal the perceptions that keep us alienated from other women
– Use humor and courage to identify our patterns of disconnection
– Engage tools for taking responsibility and making amends for ways we have divided rather than united with sisters
– Learn personal and group practices that can shift our inner dialogue about women towards compassion beginning with our inner dialogue about ourselves
– Discover how our sexuality holds a mangificent key for shifting our deficit mentality into generosity and abundance with one another
– Practice ritual as an alchemical tool for designing a different template for relating to women

Doors will open at 2:45. Workshop starts promptly at 3pm.

This will be an experiential, interactive afternoon. Come prepared to share your voice and stories as well as learn from others.

Following the workshop, participants are invited for a group dinner. Restaurant TBA. 7:30pm onwards.

For this workshop, you will need:

– Comfortable clothing
– A mirror big enough to see your entire face
– Snacks/water
– 3 small “medicine gifts”, eg tokens of appreciation to be given out at the end of the workshop. (sage, palo santo, gift cards, essential oils, chocolate or any little gift that feels right for you to offer is appropriate)


Early Bird Ticket Until June 26th $99:

Regular Registration After June 26th $125:

NOTE: We are capping this workshop at 40 women and envision a strong response. We see this work and its fruits speading across the DFW networks like a drum beat…sisterhood. Deep alliances. Lifting us all up.

Reserve your ticket today and share this event with a friend!

Then post on the Facebook event page your answer to this question: “WHAT DO YOU THINK IS THE #1 THING THAT WOMEN NEED TO WORK ON IN THEIR RELATIONSHIPS WITH EACH OTHER?”

Graduates of the course will have the option to participate in monthly follow-up gatherings for a continuation and evolution of the skills we will introduce at the workshop. Details to be announced July 16th.

We are deeply honored to be sharing this work with you and look forward to joining forces and growing together on July 16th.

– Ajna Shakti & Jessica Tartaro
The Sexy Sisterhood Initiative Crew

“Every woman who heals herself heals all the women who came before her and all the women who come after her”.

— Christiane Northrup


Dr. Jessica Tartaro is an Orgasmic Intimacy Coach. A US/UK Fulbright scholar, she weaves together a wealth of mental health training with her specialty in intimacy, teaching individuals, couples and communities how to have nourishing, healthy, turned on connections in and out of the bedroom. Raised in the suburbs of north Texas, Jessica traveled the world for 16 years, studying alternative spiritualties, dancing like no one was looking, and discovering that her sexuality was the missing key to unleashing her personal growth. In 2013 she made a full circle back to Dallas, where she founded the Dallas Contact Improv community, opened her private coaching practice and currently makes frequent appearances as a keynote speaker and workshop leader. Jessica recently launched a series of groups called “Orgasmic Relating” where she shares her fine-tuned facilitation to help people wake up to their power to connect and come alive in relationships. Read more about her personal story and services or book a complementary consultation at www.DrJessicaTartaro.com.

Amber ‘Ajna Shakti’ is part gypsy, part Mary Poppins, part superhero spaceholder. A licenced massage therapist, reiki practioner, and former teacher, she’s studied the human body with many different lenses and continues to listen to it’s widsom in earnestness and humility. A devoted dabbler in astrology and energetics, this double Aquarius draws her inspiration from yoga, A Course In Miracles, and ecstatic dance, where she courageously allows her passionate spirit to be in full expression. Amber credits her daily practices of meditation, prayer, movement and song as her anchors in sanity. In 2011, she was gifted the Pulitzer Prize-winning book, Half the Sky (Kristof and WuDunn), that opened her eyes to the dire importance of empowering all women. This led her to tend to her garden of self worth, in desire of harvesting bountiful fruits to share with and nourish her sisters.