It’s time again to talk about boundaries, a recurring theme for SpeakUP. Why? Because we can’t have connection without healthy boundaries.
Though it seems like a contradiction, it really is our edges of separateness that make closeness possible.
But it’s often very scary to assert a “no” when a lot of times, connection is premised on making everyone feel comfortable rather than saying what’s true.
The norm is to say “yes” – even if we really are a “no” – for fear of losing the connection. But eventually, suppressing our truth erodes something vital to our bonds.
What are our alternatives?
This SpeakUP, we are going to focus on the role that we as authentic community members play in helping each individual assert their limits and boundaries.
If we CELEBRATE + AFFIRM when our friends and loved ones assert a “no”, then we don’t have to trade connection for individuality.
Instead of reacting to a boundary by pulling away, we can offer, “Thank you for taking care of yourself,” an affirmation for the boundary and a phrase that can change everything.
Join us Wednesday, January 27th, 6:30-8:30pm PST to learn how we can help one another assert clean, healthy, empowering and liberating boundaries.
Image created by @silvykhoucasian.
The suggested donation is $15 for this 2-hour experience. BIPOC are invited to come free of charge. No one turned away for lack of funds.
Venmo Jessica at “Jessica-Tartaro”
No previous experience needed.
Newcomers and old comers welcome!
Zoom Info:
Please plan to join the call 5 minutes early so we can begin games at 6:30pm PT.
Meeting ID: 865 1504 3573
Passcode: speakup
Note: As this is an interactive night of games, if you would like to attend we ask that you have your video on and are willing to introduce yourself at the start of the night.