aving finally started therapy in my 63rd year of life, I am of course saying to myself, “What took you so long”. I could not be more blessed with starting this journey with Dr. Tartaro. She has helped me discover things about myself that I had no idea existed inside me for so long.

I can’t wait for my sessions with her as it feels like sitting with a best friend and exploring things that don’t normally come up. My growth with dealing with the issues in my life has been staggering. Lightbulbs going off is the only way I can explain it. I highly recommend Dr. Tartaro for anyone wanting some personal, private and rewarding counseling.

Renae Kettler, Wife, Mom & Real estate agent


our podcasts are concise, brilliant, clear and real.  Even though I have not been in a relationship for some years now, hearing your stories, advice and encouragement gives me hope that maybe with a little grace, one day I will be in relationship again. 100% for sure, if they have not heard them, I will turn my future lover onto these podcasts so we can practice being brilliant, clear and real together.  In the meanwhile, I do my best solo with these practices for they are practical, energetic and soulful for making one a better human.  

Larz H., Architect


appears that Jessica has a sixth sense for supporting me and my partner to navigate our relationship. She often takes all of the information we share with her and delivers it back in a concise, to-the-point manner that has always made me feel incredibly seen and understood. This paired with her techniques for helping us to be present in our bodies for working on deep issues and struggles has been unparalleled in our healing and growing process.

Madison and Vincent, Parents of 2


hen I first reached out to Jessica, I was looking to fine tune our relationship from great to spectacular. I was amazed how quickly Jessica ‘got us’ individually and as a couple. As though she had been there all along the past 24 years. My husband and I view Jessica as our advocate. The one who stands on the sidelines rooting us on. Jessica sees what I can’t see…the ideas, emotions, desires that sit in my peripheral, elusive yet real to me. She helps me define, embrace, and ultimately own it. Empowering.

– Amy & John, Married 24 years

My sessions with Dr. J have been the single best investment to my mental health ever.  I have seen at least half a dozen therapists over my 54 years and can say I have been the most fulfilled after my sessions with her.  

I came to Dr. J during a rough patch in my life and marriage.  I could immediately sense that she was a good fit for me.  She is a warm, safe, empathetic listener.  Our sessions were simultaneously intentional and natural, intense and comfortable, enlivening and impactful.  She is extremely skilled in navigating the landscape of difficult conversations which provides a trusting environment.  Her expertise in employing multiple approaches is what made a difference for me.  From quiet, guided meditations to direct, upfront analyses, she was able to guide me based on my needs or limitations.  She was always spot on which helped encourage me towards progress.

I cannot overstate the value of the tools, insights, and resources that Dr. J has given me.  She is an angel that has transformed me and I am grateful for our time together.

Arnold C., General Contractor


hrough the course of our work together, Jessica honestly, gently and concisely assisted me in developing a healthy intimacy with myself.  She taught me to honor my deepest self and to truly connect with my body.  In a short period of time, I became more in possession of myself and rooted in peace. I am deeply grateful for her and her guidance.

Maura Walsch, Recovery Coach


would like to share a great big THANK YOU for your influence and example these last few months. Your openness and non-squeamishness talking about sex and bodies have given me a lot of permission and comfortability that have been meaningful both personally and professionally. Particularly your podcast on talking about sex and learning to acknowledge sex and genitals has helped me relax and sort of normalize it my own sessions with patients and not a moment too soon! I feel like I have a new superpower that lets me help my patients in a way I never realized was relevant to my work.

– Rachael, Certified Eating Disorders Specialist

JJessica, in you I witness a wise capacity to name the conditioned and traumatic imprints that land in our humanity and create suffering and draw them out as a medicine woman sucking poison out of perfectly good pieces of human.  In the way you name and speak, the imprint is liberated from its holding pattern so the natural blueprint of health can find its way and flow. You are a gift to this community.

– Leigh Senna, Sexual Embodiment Coach


essica’s facilitation is flawless: genuine, sincere, warm, tender, openhearted, and phenomenally insightful. She brings focused loving intention to the table, which opens the doors for all participants to accept the invitation to step through to higher levels of self-awareness and conscious manifestation. I will be applying Jessica’s teachings to enhance my own.

Heidi Connolly, Spiritual Practitioner, Medium, & Spirit-Guided Musician


essica, I’ve been working with psychologists for 45 years and you stand out in more ways than I can describe. Most notable are your facility and intuition in creating pathways to deeper experience and involving people in progressively more genuine sharing. Your example shows the way and inspires me to continue growing responsiveness to others’ genuine selves and building a capacity for improvisation that I can trust. Thank you so much for sharing your exquisite perception and skills.

– Mark Davis, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist


 may not know what’s going to happen in our sessions, but my husband and I are talking openly in ways we had avoided for decades. That never would have happened without your help.

John & Rachael, Married 17 years

Icame to Jessica when I was facing a big scary life change. At the end of our time together I was ready to proceed with confidence and clarity. Jessica has an enormous capacity to create and maintain an environment of safety, curiosity, and openness. This allowed me to take the lead in my own healing, experience emotions I was hiding from myself, and access my own wisdom. I am forever grateful.

– Diana Chan, Educator and Poet

Jessica shined a light on parts of me so hidden, I forgot they were there. She drew out the inner leader that was itching to emerge, but didn’t have the skills or confidence. She’s taught me the ecstatic feeling of integration. Her vision of us all as being leaders healing and healing leaders in our genuine and authentic humanness has inspired me to no end. I’m ever grateful for this renewal of myself, and feel more fulfilled than ever because of it. Namaste. The leader in me honors the leader in you, Jessica.

– Raquel Yardeni
Yoga Instructor, Social Worker & Authenticity Educator