Under 10: Mini Podcasts on Intimacy with Dr. Jessica Tartaro

My new weekly podcast on Intimacy with installments of ten minutes or less about each week’s theme. Sign up for my newsletter on the bottom of this page to receive my podcasts directly to your inbox.

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How to use “Under 10”

This podcast began because I am working hard to stay connected to my friends and family during the pandemic (think, relationships as lifelines right now).  In an effort to reach across the miles with one particular friend, I had been exchanging voice memos that were growing longer and longer as we reflected on the state of the world and our own hearts.  In response to a recent memo I sent, she wrote me back and said, “I’ve got it. You need to turn that last one into a podcast!” She raved about how much she learned from what I had shared in a casual reflection.  And a lightbulb went off.  I know not everyone is going to hire an intimacy coach. Why not share the tidbits I have been collecting day-after-day in my private coaching in bite-sized shorts on the themes I teach. I set to work figuring out how to share my voice memos with the world.  And voila, “Under 10” was born.

Think of these mini podcasts like voice memos reaching out to you from a friend through the isolation saying, “Hey, I see you! You’re not alone”. Except better, because they include tools that build on each other for growing intimacy between you and others. Podcasts will come out on Mondays and each week there is an assignment for you to practice! Be sure to tune in, engage the practice and leave me a note about what you learned. Each assignment will build on the previous week’s podcast.  


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