“Just moving on ” after the worst of the pandemic poses major risks to our quality of life and capacity to connect.  When you have the courage to slow down and honor what you just went through, you can retrieve and re-integrate the parts of you that got “stuck” in the stressors of the last two years.  Transcript for this episode is available here.

1:15 Tempting to just putting the stressors of the last two years behind us

2:00 We have all been affected

2:10 The first time I took my mask off

3:00 The definition and importance of continuity

4:20 Our culture rushes past impact

4:42 This is what could have been said

4:56 A “catching up”

5:42 The high costs of just moving on

6:05 Story by Rabbi Bernath about beauty in a metro station

7:00 Shouldn’t beauty arrest us no matter what we are doing?

7:27 The relationship between stopping for beauty and stopping for pain

8:25 This is how we “unstick” from where we got stuck in the past

8:40 This week’s homework – 3 parts

Resources: Read the full essay by Rabbi-Yisroel Bernath, “Missing the Beauty, here: https://st-ignatius.net/missing-the-beauty/.  Check out a blog I wrote about my community’s transition out of masks here: https://www.drjessicatartaro.com/masks-coming-off-why-transitioning-gently-matters/.  And contact me for more information about speaking to your group by emailing me at DrTartaro@gmail.com.

Podcast produced by Sal DeRosalia

Music composed and performed by Aimee Mia Kelley

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